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Virginia Slate Company PDF. Understanding the history of slate roofing, types of roofing slate available, and the installation practice.
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Would you like to learn more about slate?  Want something to help explain natural slate to your customers?

We have put together print literature to answer any question you may have about slate. History, different types, and installation guides.

Please contact us if you would like a print copy or samples shipped directly to you or your customers.

Looks like it's time to change that slate roof, but you're not sure what to replace it with... This guide should give you the answers you need!


There are many types of roofing slate with their own set of characteristics and qualities...

It is very important that people who own or work on slate roofs know the different types of roofing slate , along with longevities, and qualities.

Slate Info Chart

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Understanding Slate Roofing

Understanding Slate Roofing with Virginia Slate Company. Details on how to lay slate on a roof!

Slate in History

Understanding the history of Natural Roofing Slate.

29 Preservation Briefs

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Understanding Natural Slate

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Understanding Natural Slate

Understanding Natural Slate with Virginia Slate Company.

Roofing Contractors

The Natural Slate Roofing. Information about natural slate roofing for roofing contractors.

What is Sea Green Slate?

Slate Flooring Brochure

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Historic Gray Natural Slate Brochure

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