Interior Slate

Slate is a natural product produced over time by heat and pressure and only shaped by man. The process is "simple" resulting in a clean, fresh, and distinctively natural look. This makes slate an attractive choice for renovations and new construction.

 slate tiles


Historic Black Natural Cleft

A classic stone with a charcoal gray color. The surface of these tiles are uniform with only slight variation of gray. This slate is textured both visually and to the touch.

Historic black honed

Charcoal gray in color with natural markings and gradations of the slate. This smooth slate is suitable for tile flooring and counter top applications.

Historic gray natural cleft

Battleship gray in color there is very little variation between tiles. The natural texture creates a beautiful and uniform feel to any room.

Historic gray honed

This smooth slate has much more variation than it's natural cleft counterpart. These tiles have characteristics "watermarks" highlighting the visible elements within the slate. This stone is most commonly used in flooring applications.

Brushed slate tiles


Resembles the same colors of the Historic Natural Cleft slate.  Wire brushes give this slate an aged / worn feel while still retaining the natural features of the stone.


This unique slate is a brilliant silver color with natural texture. Under light you will experience a beautiful shine along the slate veins.  This elegant slate will enrich and brighten wherever it is installed.



Extremely uniform in color and texture this slate has natural veins that flow throughout the stone.  These veins appear as shadow lines and add a very unique feature to any project.

Slate wall cladding


Although traditionally used for roofing purposes Vermont slate can be custom ordered for tile projects as well.


Vermont flooring tiles are available in either natural cleft or honed finish. These slate tiles are non porous, heat resistant, and they withstand the abuse of heavy floor traffic.

Interior Slate Wall Cladding is a great way to add a natural look and feel to your home

different vermont slate colors can be installed together to make a custom slate  blend

slate Wall cladding uses smaller sized slate tiles installed with zero headlap to reduce weight and cost

Structural slate


custom cut to your specific project


fireplace surrounds

counter tops

stair treads

wall cladding

window sills

signs and monuments

Historic Honed

Historic natural cleft



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