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Slate Storm Damage

Storm Damage

As a storm comes through the damage that is left in its wake is wide-ranging, from simple sticks on the ground to ripping a whole building apart, but putting the structure back together may be the tricky part.

Natural slate roofing has been installed on structure for hundreds of years, yet the true knowledge and understanding of this roofing material is often misunderstood.

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Quick Quote - Storm Damage

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Looks like it's time to change that slate roof, but you're not sure what to replace it with... This guide should give you the answers you need! There are many types of roofing slate with their own set of characteristics and qualities... 

It is very important that people who own or work on slate roofs know the different types of roofing slate, along with longevities, and qualities.

Natural slate is a triple overlapping roofing system, not simply a decorative element.

  • The slate tiles are 100% rock with no sealers or additives.

  • Individual slates can be replaced.


When does a slate roof need to be repaired or replaced?

  • National Parks Service Preservation Brief 29 states that if over 20% of the roof is damaged that the entire roof should be replaced.

  • If 10-15% of the roof is damaged care should be taken to make sure that there isn't latent damage with hairline cracks or hidden broken tiles. These extra breaks could easily add an additional 10% damage.


Slate and insurance agents or Public Adjusters

  • We can help identify the slate, give a professional opinion on the damage, and a solution for repair or replacement.

  • We are here to help. Daily we talk to agents, contractors, or homeowners about installation practices, product identification, and average installation costs.

  • 804.745.4100


Identifying a Slate Roof Replacement

  • Often slate is able to be identified by a photo or photos.

  • Length, width, and thickness; and shipping zip code will allow for a thorough quote.


Slate has PROVEN its value, PROVEN its beauty, and PROVEN its durability.

What to do after a storm

Virginia Slate Company PDF. Understanding the history of slate roofing, types of roofing slate available, and the installation practice.

Clickable PDF

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Slate Roofing Storm Damage

What to do after a storm

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Insurance Claims For Damage

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