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What went wrong with Synthetic Slate? (Professional Roofing Magazine)

Researchers explain artificial slate and shake products' spotty history.

There are many demands on shingles. To function successfully, they must be shaped and oriented to shed water reliably. Shingles also must be durable so they can be safely installed and maintained throughout their expected life spans, resist wind and perform effectively under local weather conditions. And because most steep-slope roof systems are visible, shingles must be attractive, retaining their desired appearance throughout their expected life spans. The history of artificial slate and shakes made from fiber-reinforced cement is a mix of success and failure. But this is not surprising when you review how the changes occurred within the industry.

(text provided by professional roofing magazine)


This synthetic tile is only 15 years old.

The picture above was recently replaced with Natural Slate Tiles. This synthetic tile was only 15 years old. Notice the fading on every single tile, along with cracking without any impacts causing it to fall apart. We strongly urge future purchasers to consider this article before going towards synthetic tiles. If know of anyone who experienced similar issues using synthetic tile please send us an email!

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