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Viewers are disappointed! Another Synthetic Tile Roof Spotted.... Thanks to Slate Gurus!

Im sure you've heard..... "It looks as good and lasts as long as Natural Slate!"

Armed with the right marketing team Synthetic Tile companies have made substantial claims: it's more durable, it does not fade, and it's long lasting .... But does it really do all of that?

What evidence do they have showcasing it after 10 years?

Installed on one of Virginia's rest stops. This highlights the lower quality and problems with Synthetic Tile and this is just a couple years after installation.

This is Synthetic Tile up close. (picture sent to us from Slate Gurus)

The more this tile begins to warp the more moisture and water gets under it. After this occurs you are trusting the underlayment to protect the roof, and it's longevity is vastly reduced when exposed to the elements.

A big thanks to Slate Gurus for taking these pictures and helping us spread the facts about Synthetic Slate.

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A big thanks to Slate Gurus for sending us these pictures! If know of anyone who experienced similar issues using synthetic tile please send us an email!

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