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Unfading Classic Black

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

One of our oldest customers just completed this beautiful #roof with our Unfading Classic Black Slate. This is one of our favorite Slate options available.

Check out how this #Slate looks in the sun!

The deposit of slate has been quarried for several hundred years. This stone has helped protect these buildings and the history they embody.

Proudly completed in a Random Width option, you can see how it gives this roof great depth and class. When the sun hits this, all you can think about is wow that looks awesome. However, we strongly suggest you contact us when you are looking for a team to put this on your roof, to have it completed to this level of perfection.

As you can see now, Copper has been utilized to give it that extra pop of a classic roof while giving it a modern look as well. Reflecting from the sun, it really gives the roof a high class look.

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