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Mottle Purple Natural Vermont Slate

Purple is a color that is the least found in nature. This rich tone is synonymous with royalty, wealth, and regal connotations. With very few deposits of purple slate found in the world, the New York Vermont Slate Valley is one of the most well-known. As this vein of slate weaves through the earth other chemical elements in slate pepper the coloration of the stone creating a stone of true notoriety.

Within this vein of purple slate is the Mottled Purple and Green coloration. It is one of the most misunderstood colors of natural slate with this unusual color combination. This natural occurring color medley is dominated by a purple core with modelings of greens and touches of gray. But visualizing this slate on a roof often proves difficult.

Often Mottled purple is combined with other Vermont slates in a full Vermont blend, but standing on its own, it creates a roof that is unmistakably natural slate.

The color combination of a red or burnt purple is accented with splashes of Viridian green tones. This mix of warm purples and cool greens balances in a color combination on a roof, and it is unlike any roof that man could design.

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Mottled Purple Green slate.

Article written by Tucker Adamson - Virginia Slate Company

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