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Slate Starter Kits - John Stortz & Son

Slate Starter Kit #1

Rated 5.00 out of 5


Get your most basic slate tools for a discounted price. A ripper gives you the ability to remove broken pieces of slate and the stake and hammer provide all you need for cutting slates to size.

Starter Kit #1 Includes:

Slate Starter Kit #2

Rated 5.00 out of 5


Outfit yourself with all the essential slate tools at a discounted price. A ripper for removing broken slates, a cutter for trimming pieces to size, a hammer for cutting and punching, and a stake to use in conjunction with the hammer.


Our favorite kit!

Slate Tool Kit #3

$410.00 $375.00

This slate kit address the cutting, punching, and pulling needs of a professional slate roofer.


If you've just started working with slate, one of these kits will give you the jumpstart you need to get things done! Each tool can be purchased separately if you already have some of them.

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