Classic Blue/ Black Roof Slates

Our Classic Blue/ Black roofing slate is rich in color with a smooth uniform texture that makes it suitable for both formal and traditional architectures. It’s one of the hardest slates available, and provides the highest resistance to acids on the market. Our roofing slate will provide a lasting beauty, protection and attractive investments that will add value to any property. All roofing slates are standard ¼ – 3/8 inch thick. Classic Blue/Black slate roof tiles provide an excellent match for restorations or additions to older homes and a classic timeless look for new construction. This slate is commonly used as a substitution for “Buckingham Slate”, “Monson Black,” “PA Black Slate”, or “Banger Slate.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words- then a full size sample must be worth a million.

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Slate Roofing Installation Guidelines

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Additional Information

  • Color:Charcoal Grey to Black
  • Weathering:No
  • Type:Roofing
  • Thickness:1/4
  • Weight:900lbs
  • Domestic:No
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