Slate Flooring Maintenance

Thinking about installing slate flooring in your home and looking for information on the maintenance and installation? This article gives you the basic dos and don’ts of slate.

Basic Slate Flooring Maintenance

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Natural Slate Flooring

The actual care and maintenance of slate flooring is not a complicated subject. In fact, the main reason slate flooring gets dirty or ruined can be traced to simple neglect.

Let’s suppose you’ve just purchased a brand-new car — and you never wash it. Soon enough the paint will fade, the body will rust, and the car will cost you a small fortune to restore. On the other hand, if you make the effort to wash it on a regular basis and throw a coat of wax on it every now and then, it will look as good as new for years. This is exactly what you need to do for slate flooring. Keep it clean and protected, and it will last until the kids move out — and may even be around when they move back in. To keep your  flooring in tip-top condition, a few simple maintenance procedures are necessary. For best results, they should be followed very closely.

Dust-mopping — Of all the procedures used to maintain slate flooring, dust mopping is probably the most important. Dust, dirt and grit are what cause most surfaces to scratch and mar. If we could somehow eliminate them, this would cease to be a problem. Several studies have indicated that floors, which are dust-mopped often, stay cleaner and shinier longer. Dust mop your floor daily. If traffic is heavy, or the floor is located in a commercial building, do it several times a day. Remember, do not use oil-treated dust mops on the slate.

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