Natural Slate Continuing Education Course

Virginia Slate Company is proud to launch a natural slate continuing education course. AIA CE credits available upon completion. This course is designed to inform architects, general contractors, roofers, distributors and homeowners alike about natural slate.

Slate Continuing Education

Slate class for web 300x131 Natural Slate Continuing Education Course

Learning Objectives: At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

• summarize the origins and history of slate including its geology, availability, quarrying, and fabrication processes

• evaluate natural slate’s inherent physical, aesthetic, and sustainable characteristics and recognize why each quarry offers a product with unique dimensions, color, and structural properties

• examine roofing slate in terms of its durability and longevity in steep-slope roofing and vertical cladding applications

• recognize the subtle differences in color and texture between types of roofing slate and identify the industry standards for the testing the physical and mechanical qualities of roofing slate

• describe how a slate roof system works in terms of is components and layout, and

• discuss general installation, maintenance, and repair guidelines for using natural quarried roofing slate in new construction and restoration projects.

Upon completion of this natural slate continuing education course, you can earn AIA/CES CE credits by taking an online examination. A score of 80% or better will allow you to print your Certificate of Completion.