Storm Damage Information

During severe storms, a slate roof can be damaged. Storm damage to your roof is one of the most common and potentially destructive to your structure. Fixing the problem of slate roof storm damage is paramount to avoid additional damage from moisture and debris.

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Contact your insurance agent  Be sure to contact your insurance agent immediately. With large areas of slate roof storm damage, getting in touch with your agent as soon possible will help.

Take pictures  Be sure to take more than enough photos before anything is removed or cleaned up. Also, be sure to continue to take photos as debris is cleaned up. Don’t forget to take photos of interior damage as well, as these can be very helpful to the agent.

Avoid climbing on the roof  Many times storms can produce structural damage compromising the integrity of the roof.

Check the attic  Be sure to check the attic for damage not detectable from the ground.

Notify your agent  If your structure is uninhabitable, be sure to let your agent know immediately.

Hire a knowledgeable roofer  When hiring a roofer, be sure your roofer is knowledgeable about the type of roof that you have. Slate roofing is a specialty roofing product and must be worked on by someone familiar with handling slate. For more information about finding a knowledgeable roofer to fix your slate roof storm damage, please feel free to call our office at (804) 745-410.


Many times after a storm, slates will break in the exposure (in the area of the slate that is exposed to the elements). These slates need to be repaired in a timely manner. An advantage of a slate roofing system is that the triple overlap gives a roof an added layer of protection in the meantime. The industry standard states that if more than 20% of the slate roof is damaged, the entire roof should be replaced.

Yet replacing 20 out of every 100 tiles  may do more damage than good. For this reason, the the original age of the roof also needs to be taken into account when considering replacing between 5% and 20% of the slates. Older slate roofs tend to be more brittle and weathered and color matching may not be an option.

Be aware of hairline fractures  Hairline fractures may not be visible at first but will break the slate as water creeps into the fractures. Take this into account when figuring up a 20% breakage.

Underlayment  Often older homes were installed with 15 lb. felt paper. New products on the market may be more suitable. Consider a high temp product as well.

Fastners  Slate is usually installed with copper nails. They bend easily and can be pulled from the roof to replace a broken slate. Stainless steel nails are also appropriate for slate as well.

Availability  Slate is available, in stock and ready to ship. Currently, we have over 2,000 squares of Vermont slate and over 3,000 squares of unfading black slate in stock. Still, with large areas of damage, place your order immediately to lock in availability.

Industry Opinion Often insurance agents look for a second opinion regarding the slate on a roof. Whether it is damage done, origin of slate or installation techniques, let us know if you need a letter of opinion based on a specific roof.