Is slate readily available?

Yes, here in the United States, natural slate roofing and tiles are available from several different sources. Most of the US companies have one quarry or one color of slate and source out any other products that their customers might be seeking. There are only one or two companies here in the United States that truly offer a full range of domestic and imported Slates from around the world. The slate industry is leaning toward a global market. For example, 15 years ago in England their domestic slate, called Welsh slate, dominated over 98% of the British slate market. Today, it is less than 10% of the market due to the increase in imported products. The imports offer different qualities, varieties, more availability and different ranges of pricing. If global trends continue towards a “single world market”, then the likelihood of growth for the imported slates here in the United States is great and will continue to have a strong future.

In the United States, quarries are generally producing one or two truck loads a month, which equates to fifty to one hundred squares, with only a few quarries capable of producing more. In Europe, there are many “mom and pop” operations that produce over 180,000 to 200,000 squares a year or 3,600 squares per week. That would be approximately 72 full truck loads per week.

The demand for Natural Slate Roofing here in the United States can easily be supplied from producers around the world. As the production in the United States is limited, we as global consumers benefit greatly from slate produced worldwide.