How is slate sold?

Slate is sold both through distribution and direct to the contractor or owner of individual projects. It is my belief that most of the slate industry in the United States would rather sell through distribution, if given a choice. The slate industry has never supported distribution and distribution has never supported the slate industry. The domestic supply of slate has historically been low in supply, so there was not a need for distribution as much. Today, that has changed.

With the massive increase in supply that is now available from around the world here in the United States, I believe distribution is going to become more important to this industry.

    Advantages of Distribution :

  • There is a comfort level in dealing with one’s local supplier of roofing products
  • Logistic issues are handled easily by distribution
  • With distribution, no deposit or COD is required. Terms of 30-90 days are given depending on the relationship with the distributor
  • Distribution helps creates more awareness and knowledge of Slate to the average customer. Helps them understand that there is an abundant supply in the United States Market today