Are there different sizes, thickness and colors?

Slate lengths are: 12”; 14”; 16”; 18”; 20”; 22”; and 24” and the widths are usually determined by the length of the slate. The width is never less than half of the length. In other words, a standard slate cannot be 18” long by 6” wide. The width would have to be minimally 9” which is half of the length.

Slate length, width and thickness vary. Since slate products are natural stone, the product can usually be cut to a customers requested size in length, width and thickness. Any deviation from standard production demands a premium price.

Unfading Slate is normally a harder stone that changes very little from it’s freshly quarried look. Whatever changes occur are uniform typically throughout a slate roof provided that the material comes from one quarry. Unfading Slate products are in higher demand over the “weathering” slate products and command about a $100 premium more than the
weathering slate.

There are also Fading Slate or “Semi” Weathering Slate, that change color once exposed to the weather. The reason for this change in the color is due to the high percentage of Iron (Rust) and Calcium, which causes the slate to lose its color pigment. These slate normally turn brown in color. These softer semi-weathering slates are often considerably less expensive and can cost in the lower $300.00 range.