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va slate logo About UsVirginia Slate has refined our selection and delivery process to ensure contractors, supply houses and homeowners can quickly access the best slate the world has to offer, from the largest local inventory available. Which means no more 6-month lead times, waiting for more slate to be produced. Our over 25,000 square foot facility holds an incomparable variety of slate, granite and quartzite in a multitude of colors including black, unfading gray, semi-weathering gray-green, mottled purple, unfading red and more.

va slate sign About UsArmed with the knowledge from mining our own slate in the past, we discovered that the very best slate, with greater consistency and strength, has to be hand-selected from top-producing quarries all over the world. So, instead of limiting your choices to our quarry, we evaluate the most successful quarries around the world, in person, and have established exclusive agreements to carry their slate in our facility. We refuse to mine a lower-grade shale, but instead specialize in S-1, ASTM-tested product which is never broken up, handled meticulously, has all full four corners, and maintains consistent color and thickness from pallet to pallet. Our 2 layers of quality control give you slate with a solid ring, flat bottom, and 100+ year guarantee. Slate produced by the time-tested practices of true artisans is the only, truly superior slate we’re proud for your home or project to display.

How the Process Began

In 1992 Cassel Adamson Jr. saw a need for locally quarried roofing slate from Virginia. He purchased a quarry in Buckingham County, Virginia and began to produce roofing slate. Although the slate in the Buckingham vein is very hard and sought after product it is difficult to work. The production couldn’t seem to keep up with the bills and the government regulations and fines were relentless. In 1998 Cassel Adamson III posed the idea of importing in natural roofing slate, but was met with much hesitation and apprehension from his father. Yet he proceeded and has built a company that is based on quality, service, availability, and price, something that his quarry in Buckingham County was unable to achieve. Natural roofing slate is a material made by Mother Nature and split my man, regardless of which flag flies over the quarry. Today we carry numerous Vermont slates, Buckingham Virginia slates, and several Spanish slates- something for everyone.

Yet there is a difference in natural slate and the way that it is formed and the application that it is used for. The characteristics of an S1 slate are a very dense and solid slate that rings when it is tapped with a hammer. This grade of slate has a longer life span but is harder to work with than some of your softer slates. Yet a softer S2 or S3 slate such as a multicolor slate has a much shorter life span and would not be recommended for roofing slate tiles especially in a freeze thaw climate, but this product does make for a beautiful flooring tile.

Our portfolio of products is rounded out to afford our clients with the very best slate for their individual roofing, flooring, or structural applications.

Understanding each product’s pros and cons helps us discern what our clients are truly looking for. Roofing slate’s major downfall (for us that is) is that we don’t have return customers when you sell a 100 year roof, yet we make sure of that by only supplying the best quality roofing slate available.


In 2013 Virginia Slate Company diversified in metal roofing with Virginia Metal Systems. This company bends metal from pans, valleys, or any other roofing metal. For more information:



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